A bottle necklace filled with tiny paper hearts in light pink, dark pink, and white

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Carry a bottle full of tiny paper hearts with this adorable Valentine Hearts Bottle Necklace. It’s so easy to make in just a few minutes. You can wear it yourself or give it to someone special as a cute handmade gift.

Words "Valentine Hearts Bottle Necklace DIY Tutorial" above a necklace with a bottle charm filled with paper hearts and more paper hearts scattered around

Years ago I was absolutely obsessed with making all kinds of different necklaces using tiny bottle charms. One of them was an adorable message in a bottle necklace that I wrote a tutorial for awhile back.

Another was this super cute bottle filled with tiny little hearts. And with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought I would share how I made it so you can make them for yourself too!

Originally I used my Silhouette Cameo machine to cut the paper hearts. It worked just fine, but doing that many small cuts takes absolutely forever. It also was pretty hard on both my blade and cutting mat.

But since then I was going through my craft supplies and came across a small heart punch. I’d bought it a long time ago for a different purpose and it had mostly been living in a drawer ever since.

When I thought about revisiting this Valentine bottle necklace I punched a few hearts to see if they would work. And to my delight, the little hearts fit perfectly into the bottle. So I knew I just had to make a full tutorial.

This project is so incredibly easy and can be put together in just a few minutes. It would be a perfect little gift to give to someone special this Valentine’s Day. Or you could wear it for yourself too. There are also plenty of ways to customize it, so it can suit whatever style you have.

Words "Valentine Hearts Bottle Necklace DIY Tutorial" above a necklace with a bottle charm that is filled with paper hearts. More paper hearts are scattered around the necklace

What You Need to Make a Valentine Hearts Bottle Necklace

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Gather up all the materials for your bottle necklace. Here’s what you will need:

Bottle Charm

Jump Ring (about 12mm heavy gauge)

Mini Heart Hole Punch

Necklace Cord



Multipurpose glue 

Jewelry Pliers

A bottle charm, heavy gauge jump ring, necklace cord, heart hole punch, toothpicks, scrapbook paper in various colors, multipurpose glue, and jewelry pliers

There’s a few different glues I like to use for my bottle necklaces. This time I’m using Aleene’s The Ultimate, but I’ve also had a lot of success with Beacon 527.

Although E6000 is my normal go-to when it comes to glue, I don’t like to use it for these types of projects. It’s a bit too thick and in the past it’s clouded the glass and ruined the bottle. If anyone uses E6000 and it works for them, though, let me know in the comments!

In the end, the glue is still completely optional. I like to make sure that everything is nice and secure, but the cork usually does a good job staying put even without gluing it down. So if you don’t want to use any glue, you probably don’t need to.

The words "How to make a Valentine Hearts Bottle Necklace" above a necklace with a bottle charm that is filled with paper hearts hanging on a jewelry bust stand

How to Make a Valentine Hearts Bottle Necklace

Step 1: Make Hearts

Start by grabbing the heart hole punch and a few colors of scrapbook paper. I went with very traditional pinks and white. However, you can use any colors you like. 

I recommend using at least two different colors of paper. If you use only a single color, once the hearts are in the bottle it can be hard to tell what the shape is. I personally like using three different colors the best. 

Making the hearts is like using any other hole punch. Just place the paper into the punch and squeeze.

A heart hole punch that has punched holes in a piece of pink scrapbook paper

What’s nice about this punch is that it keeps the hearts in a little compartment after they are punched. Then you can easily open it up to get the hearts. This is really helpful so they can stay together and not make a mess. 

The open compartment of a heart hole punch, filled with tiny pink paper hearts

I ended up punching a row of hearts across the shorter side of the paper. Then repeated this for the other two colors as well. 

When I was finished I ended up with three little piles of tiny paper hearts. They’re so cute!

Three piles of tiny paper hearts, one light pink, one dark pink, and one white

Step 2: Fill Bottle

The next step is to get these little hearts into the bottle.

Start by mixing up all the different colored hearts. That way they will be distributed evenly in the bottle. 

A pile of tiny paper hearts in light pink, dark pink, and white

Then put them all into the bottle. There isn’t really a special way to do this. I just grabbed a pinch at a time and sprinkled them into the bottle until it was full.

Tiny paper hearts in a tiny glass bottle with the cork to the bottle sitting beside it

Step 3: Glue Cork (optional)

If you want to permanently seal the hearts in the bottle you can glue the cork down at this point. This step is entirely optional though. 

In most cases the cork does a perfectly good job staying put. I just like to make things as secure as possible. 

Squeeze a thin line of glue along the bottom of the cork. 

A hand holding a tiny bottle cork with glue on the end of it

Then press it into the bottle. 

A tiny glass bottle charm with hearts in it. Excess glue is on the bottle where it meets the cork

Some excess glue will likely squeeze up from the cork. Just use a toothpick to carefully scrape it away. 

A toothpick scraping excess glue from the top of a bottle charm that is filled with tiny paper hearts

Then set the bottle aside to dry. Dry time can vary from glue to glue, but leaving it for about 24 hours to fully set is usually a good estimate. 

Step 4: Assemble Necklace

Finally, the bottle just needs to be added to a necklace cord. I’m using a heavy gauge jump ring to connect them together. 

Start by opening the jump ring with jewelry pliers. Mine was so heavy duty that I needed to use two sets of pliers. 

A pair of jewelry pliers holding an open heavy gauge jump ring

Always remember to twist the jump ring open. Never pull the ends apart to open them.

Now you can add both the necklace and the bottle charm onto the jump ring.

A pair of jewelry pliers holding an open heavy gauge jump ring. A small bottle charm and a necklace cord have been added onto the jump ring

Then twist the jump ring back in the opposite direction to close it. That’s it! Now this cute little necklace is ready to be worn or given away as a gift. 

A finished bottle charm necklace filled with tiny hearts and attached to a necklace cord

Alternate Ways to Make Hearts

If for whatever reason using the heart punch isn’t an option, there are a few alternatives I can think of. 

First off, if you still would like the hearts to be made of paper, you can use a cutting machine to cut them. These would be machines like the Cricut or the Silhouette.

Like I mentioned earlier, I previously cut a whole bunch of these hearts using my Silhouette machine. They came out well, but it was quite tedious removing them from the cutting mat. 

Two piles of tiny paper hearts, one labeled "Cut with Silhouette" and the other labeled "Cut with hole punch"

It’s not a method I would necessarily recommend, but wanted to mention it anyway. If you had a cutting machine and didn’t want to bother getting a heart punch it might be worth a try.

Also, if you have arthritis or something else it might be too hard to use a hole punch that many times. In that case, having a machine cut the hearts for you could be a better option.

If you don’t want to use paper, you could also use tiny heart shaped confetti. Here are some that I bought at Joann Fabrics the other day:

Two tiny bottle charms, each filled with a different mix of heart shaped confetti

You could likely find similar confetti at most other craft stores as well. You just need to make sure that the hearts are small enough to fit into the bottle. 

Valentine Hearts Bottle Necklace Variations

I’m sure there are a ton of ways to customize these necklaces. I wanted to show off a few examples I thought of in case it could inspire someone. 

First, and probably most obviously, is by using different colored hearts. The classic reds, pinks, and white are great, don’t get me wrong. But you can use all kinds of different combinations. 

Three bottle charms filled with paper hearts in various different colors

Next, you could combine the paper hearts with confetti ones. The paper and the metallic confetti give a nice contrast to each other. 

Finally, you can mix a little glitter in with the hearts for some extra sparkle. I used chunky glitter so it would be easier to see. 

Two bottle charms filled with paper hearts and glitter

Final Thoughts About the Valentine Hearts Bottle Necklace

I’m so glad that I decided to revisit this project for my blog. It’s nice to work on quick projects every once in awhile. 

A close up of a valentine hearts bottle charm that is hanging on a necklace cord

Although this project was made for Valentine’s Day, hearts aren’t exclusive to the holiday. These can be made for any holiday or theme you can think of. 

Just adjust the colors a bit and you could make them for Easter, Halloween, Christmas, etc. 

Three bottle charms filled with paper hearts in various different holiday colors

You could also make them in the colors of your favorite sports team or school. 

Or you could choose any colors you like to match a theme or outfit. There are just so many different combinations.

Also, if you find just the bottle to be too simple, you could also add some charms to the necklace as well. The sky’s the limit on how unique you can make this project. 

They are also so quick and easy to make. So if you wanted to make a bunch of them to give to all your friends, it could be a great last minute gift idea. 

Five bottle charms filled with various colored paper hearts

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. I’d love to hear from you! Thank you for stopping by and happy crafting!

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