Tassel Paperclip Bookmark | DIY Tutorial

Three tassel paperclip bookmarks. A yellow tassel on a silver paperclip, a multicolored pink tassel on a white paperclip, and a blue tassel on a gold paperclip

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Tassels are another craft staple that I love to work with. They make such a simple but satisfying embellishment that can be added to so many different projects. So when I started making different paperclip bookmarks I decided to add a tassel paperclip bookmark as well.

The text "How to make a tassel paperclip bookmark DIY Tutorial" above three paperclips with tassels attached in the colors yellow, multicolored pink, and light blue

What You Will Need for this Project

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Embroidery Floss


Embroidery Needle

Needle Threader

Tassel Maker


Three skiens of embroidery floss, a paperclip, an embroidery needle, a needle threader, a DIY mini tassel maker, and scissors

You should be able to use any tassel maker that you like as long as the finished tassel is about 1.25 inches long. The tassel maker you see in the picture above is one that I made in a previous tutorial. You can read that tutorial by clicking here.

How to Make a Tassel Paperclip Bookmark

Step 1: Wind Embroidery Floss

To make this tassel a little more interesting I decided to use three different shades of pink for this one. You can, of course, use as many or as few colors as you want.

If you are using multiple colors like I am, I find it best to wind all the colors at the same time. That helps to make sure all the colors are evenly distributed in the tassel.

Three strands of embroidery floss held next to one another

Next, begin to wind the embroidery floss around the tassel maker.

Three threads of embroidery floss wrapped once around a DIY mini tassel maker

Depending on the tassel maker you are using, you may need to use a different amount of thread. If using the same tassel maker from my other tutorial, it takes a single strand to be wound about 40 times to make a good size tassel. Since I have three colors, I wound them around together 13 times to be as close to 40 as possible.

A bundle of multicolored embroidery floss wound around a DIY mini tassel maker

When you have finished winding your thread, you can cut the end of it.

The top view of a bundle of multicolored embroidery floss wound around a DIY mini tassel maker with tails of floss cut

Step 2: Open Paperclip and Thread through Tassel Head

Now it’s time to add the paperclip. Start by bending the outside end of the clip just enough so you can fit it through the tassel maker under the loops of embroidery floss.

A white paperclip with the end slightly bent open

Then, with the embroidery floss still on the tassel maker, fit the paperclip under all the loops on the top side of the tassel.

The open end of a paperclip being threaded onto a bundle of embroidery floss on a DIY mini tassel maker

From here, you can bend the paperclip back to its original shape to keep everything a bit more secure for the next step.

A closed paperclip threaded onto a bundle of embroidery floss on a DIY mini tassel maker

Step 3: Tie Tassel

From here, you can remove your tassel from the tassel maker by carefully sliding it off. With the paperclip closed, everything should stay in place fairly well.

A bundle of embroidery floss attached to a paperclip

Now cut another piece of embroidery floss about 12 inches long. This is what will be used to tie the top of the tassel. I chose to go with the middle shade of my three colors, but this is completely up to personal preference.

A bundle of embroidery floss attached to a paperclip and another piece of embroidery floss below

Position the thread on the bundle and tie a knot, trying to get it as close to under where the paperclip is as possible. Unlike some of my other paperclip bookmarks that I’ve made, I couldn’t think of a decent way to attach the tassel more firmly to the paperclip. However, if you tie the tassel right up against the paperclip I found that while it can still move a bit, it will stay in place on its own fairly well.

A piece of embroidery floss being tied onto the top of a bundle of embroidery floss

To make the knot more secure, I like to flip the tassel over and tie another knot. Then flip it over one more time and tie a double knot. This may be a bit overkill, but at least I know the tassel isn’t going to fall apart.

To hide the knot a bit, thread one end of the embroidery floss through onto an embroidery needle and use that to push the thread through the other side of the tassel right under where you’ve been looping the thread.

A tassel with a needle poking below where it has been tied

Repeat this with the other end of the thread, then pull them tightly. This will pull the knot a little closer to the tassel.

Two threads pulled to the opposite side of a tassel from where they were tied

The knot will still be visible, but not quite as much.

An unfinished tassel with loops attached to a paperclip

Step 4: Finish Tassel Paperclip Bookmark

At this point the tassel is finally looking like a tassel but still needs a few finishing touches. First, snip the bottom loops of the tassel with scissors.

A tassel with bottom loops being cut with scissors

Next, using the embroidery needle, gently comb the needle through the ends of the tassel. This helps break up the individual strands of the embroidery floss. This part is optional, but I really think it makes the tassel look that much better.

A needle pulling apart threads of a pink tassel

Lastly, trim up the bottom of the tassel so everything looks nice and even.

A multicolored pink tassel paperclip bookmark

Now the tassel is ready to hold your place in a favorite book, or to be clipped onto whatever you choose.

A multicolored pink tassel paperclip bookmark in a book

Final Thoughts

My only issue with this project was that I couldn’t think of a way to more properly secure the tassel to the top of the paperclip. With other embellishments like pom poms or buttons I would use hot glue, but I didn’t think I could do that with this one without leaving a big blob of glue sticking out.

They were still very easy and fun to make. Here’s a few more I made using different colors of floss and paperclips:

Three tassel paperclip bookmarks

And here’s one more shot to show what they look like when being used as paperclips:

Three tassel paperclip bookmarks attached to a piece of cardstock

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. I’d love to hear from you! Thank you for stopping by and happy crafting!

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