A shadowbox with a white frame wrapped in a ribbon with jingle bells and a bow attached. On the top of the glass are blue stickers that write out "Jingle" and inside the box are blue and silver jingle bells with sheet music backing

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This year I decided I wanted to make a holiday shadow box. While trying to decide exactly what I wanted to do, I was going through my craft room and found a container of jingle bells from last year that I never used. My original plan was to use the tiny ones to make earrings, which still might end up happening, but I had no real use for the rest of them. So now I’m happy that I can put most of them to good use in this jingle bell shadow box.

The shadow box I picked out is a 5×7 inch, but they come in many different sizes and depths. I’d just suggest trying to find them on sale because they can be very expensive. I would probably work with them a lot more if they were a bit more affordable, but that’s just how it is sometimes.

What You Will Need for this Project

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Shadow Box

Scrapbook Paper

Alphabet Stickers

Assorted Jingle Bells


Glue Stick

A white shadow box, scrapbook paper with a music sheet print, a glue stick, assorted size jingle bells in blue and silver, a spool of turquoise ribbon, and blue metallic alphabet stickers




Scissors and a pencil

How to Make a Jingle Bell Shadow Box

Prepare Shadow Box

Depending on your shadow box, this step may not be needed. Mine had a foam backing, which would be fine if you were pinning items onto the back of the shadow box. But since my plan is to glue scrapbook paper to the back I need to remove it.

Pulling the foam off the back side of a shadow box

I was able to tear off the foam backing without any problem. There was some foam bits that remained stuck on, so I used sandpaper to get a smoother surface.

The back side of a shadow box after being sanded

This step is also a good time to clean any fingerprints or marks that may be on the inner side of the glass.

Add Paper Backing to Frame

Now you can add the paper to the back of the shadow box. Since I’m doing a jingle bell theme, which brings to mind the Christmas song of the same name, I chose a paper with sheet music printed on it.

Using the backing of your shadow box as a guide, cut your paper to fit. You can either trace with a pencil and then cut it out, or cut around the backing with a craft knife. Either way will work.

Using the back of a shadow box to trace rectangle shape onto scrapbook paper

If you are using a paper that has a defined pattern like mine, I’d suggest using one of the edges of the paper as a guide so the pattern isn’t tilted when your backer paper is cut.

Double check to make sure your paper is facing the direction you want and glue your paper to the shadow box backing.

Scrapbook paper with sheet music print glued to the back panel of a shadow box

If after gluing there is some paper hanging over the edge of the backing, trim it up so everything will fit.

Add Bells to Jingle Bell Shadow Box

Now comes the easiest (and most fun) part. Pour your jingle bells into the shadow box. Then do any adjustments that may need to be done before closing up your frame.

An open shadow box with large blue and silver bells sitting next to the frame and medium and small jingle bells inside the frame

I noticed that the largest size jingle bells were just a bit too snug once the box was closed, so I removed them.

Then put the backing in place and close the shadow box securely. Here’s what it looks like so far:

A shadow box filled with blue and silver jingle bells with sheet music scrapbook paper on the back

It’s looking really good, and at this point you could even consider it finished. But I think it looks a bit bare, so I’m going to add a few more embellishments to make it stand out some more.

Decorate Jingle Bell Shadow Box Exterior

Since I still had the large jingle bells and didn’t want them to go to waste, I added two of them to the top of the shadow box. It ended up being for the best, because I think it helped pull everything all together.

To do this, cut a piece of ribbon about 50 inches long (or more if you have a larger frame) to wrap around the shadow box. Then string your bells onto the ribbon and tie them in place at the center.

Blue and silver jingle bells being tied onto a turquoise satin ribbon

Next, place the bells at the top left corner of the frame.

Jingle bells on a satin ribbon being wrapped around the top corner of shadow box

Take your ribbon ends and cross them behind the frame. This will help everything to stay in place.

Turquoise ribbon crossed behind the back of a shadow box

Then bring your ribbon ends back to the front of the frame in the bottom right corner. Pull the ribbon tight so there is no slack and tie a bow to secure.

A shadow box filled with jingle bells and a ribbon wrapped with jingle bells tied around the corners

Although the ribbon will keep in place fairly well when the frame is stationary, it can still easily shift when handling it. This shouldn’t be a problem if it isn’t going to be moved around a lot. But in case you want this part to be a bit more permanent, you can probably hold it down with hot glue in the corners.

Lastly, it’s time to fill in the empty space at the top of the frame. I found these pretty alphabet stickers at Hobby Lobby and decided to spell out the word “Jingle” onto the glass.

The word "JINGLE" being spelled out with stickers on shadow box glass

I had originally wanted to do the phrase “Jingle All the Way” but my frame is too small to fit all of that. But overall I think it still ended up looking nice.

Here is what the shadow box looks like when fully finished.

White framed shadow box filled with jingle bells and sheet music scrapbook paper with "JINGLE" on glass and bells and ribbon wrapped around frame

And here’s how it looks at an angle so you can see the depth of the frame.

Close up of shadow box filled with jingle bells from a side angle

Tutorial Video

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. I’d love to hear from you! Thank you for stopping by and happy crafting!

A shadow box filled with jingle bells above text "Jingle Bell Shadow Box DIY Tutorial" above a shadow box embellished with jingle bells shown from a side angle

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